Contact Addresses

The organizers of the original SemEval 2014 and 2015 tasks continue to maintain the SDP data collections and can be reached at the following address:

Additionally, there is a moderated, low-traffic mailing list for past and current users of the data, which is open for self-subscription,.

Task Organizers

  • Dan Flickinger
  • Jan Hajič
  • Angelina Ivanova
  • Marco Kuhlmann
  • Yusuke Miyao
  • Stephan Oepen
  • Daniel Zeman


We are grateful to Silvie Cinková and Zdeňka Urešová for their work on the Prague Czech&endash;English Dependency Treebank (PCEDT) and in particular for preparing the English out-of-domain test data for the PSD framework; to Zeljko Agič and Bernd Bohnet for consultation and assistance in preparing SDP ‘companion’ parses; to the Linguistic Data Consortium for outstanding support in packaging and distributing the SDP data; as well as to anonymous reviewers at SemEval 2014 and 2015 and LREC 2016 for feedback on the SDP task summaries and the resource announcement.

We warmly thank the SemEval 2014 and 2015 chairs, Preslav Nakov and Torsten Zesch, for always being role-model organizers, equipped with an outstanding balance of structure, flexibility, and community spirit. Data preparation was supported through the ABEL high-performance computing facilities at the University of Oslo, and we acknowledge the Scientific Computing staff at UiO, the Norwegian Metacenter for Computational Science, and the Norwegian taxpayers. Part of the work was supported by grants 15-10472S, 15-20031S, and GP13-03351P of the Czech Science Foundation, and by the LINDAT projects LM2015071 and LM2010013 of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports of the Czech Republic.

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